Petsense | Email Newsletter

I played a key role in crafting Petsense's dynamic weekly email newsletters, tailoring them to captivate audiences on both desktop and mobile platforms. These vibrant communications highlighted promotions, services, and the latest pet products.

Desktop version.
Mobile version.
Transfix | TrueRate+

Transfix recently launched Transfix TrueRate+, a proprietary pricing program centered around transparency, trust, and savings. I was tasked with creating the landing page, in addition to various supporting animated graphics.

Transfix TrueRate+ Site.
Various supporting animated gifs (charts and graphs) for Transfix's TrueRate+ site.
Coupgon | Easter e-Newsletter

While working at Coupgon as an Intermediate Graphic Designer, I was in charge of designing Coupgon's weekly e-newsletters. I routinely used a combination of Photoshop (composite hero image), Sketch (layout/design), and Mailchimp (email marketing service) to design and prepare the emails. After slicing the design up in Sketch, I pieced it together in Mailchimp - adding hyperlinks where applicable, and prepping the e-newsletter for the engineers to push out to the appropriate audience.

Coupgon Easter e-Newsletter.

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