Love from Toronto

I created a bold, minimal illustration of a Toronto streetcar - an instantly recognizable Toronto icon - to celebrate the city. It has appealed to Torontonians, expats, and tourists, becoming one of my top-selling typography prints on Etsy. The zig-zag line underneath the illustration represents the power cables. "Love from Toronto" is written in an endearing font that mimics organic handwriting, tying in the overall illustrative theme.

Love from Toronto.

Let's Stay In & Get Sushi

For this typography print, I set out to create a simple-but-striking typography piece with a focus on words and illustration. The leading between words, and general layout structure, let the viewer's eyes naturally flow through the piece - pausing a little longer on the "&" circle and sushi iconography at the base. I wanted the illustration to be simplistic - only made of a few shapes. I added a couple of details (sesame seeds and lines through the salmon) for a little more depth, while still maintaining a minimal, modern look.

Let's Stay In and Get Sushi.

After moving to the US in recent years, I was approached by a client to create a simple, memorable typography piece just using the word "Chicago." Starting with the layout, I decided to split up "Chicago" into thirds. I experimented with adding a symbol (star), but it didn't work, structurally. After playing around with some different colour palettes, I ultimately chose Chicago's official flag colours to highlight each third. (Have you seen their flag? It's timeless!) I decided to outline the font rather than fill it, allowing the colours to shine.

Knowing a Second Language...

"Knowing a second language is like having a second soul." There's a famous copyrighted quote with a similar sentiment, but I reworked it for this piece. Understanding that many people are bilingual, trilingual, and beyond; and encouraging those that are learning another language in their spare time for their career, significant other, or enjoyment, was top-of-mind during the creative process. Because the piece repeats "a second" within the copy, I began there, and used the same font and spacing - allowing them to anchor my design. I then worked backwards, picking the same font and spacing for "language," and "soul," and finally, "knowing," and "is like having." I wanted "language" and "soul" to be gentle and natural; illustrating the flowing, instinctive qualities of dialect and inner energy. Looking to achieve a calm, serene mood for the piece, I opted to use dark blue for the copy, and pale pink for the background.

Knowing a Second Language...
Everything Happens for a Reason

I was approached by a client who wanted to hang a piece of typography in her toddler's room. She said she wanted the theme of the piece to be "never give up," to add encouragement to her daughters everyday life. The quote itself was up to me. Her directions were simple: "No pink. Nothing flowery or too feminine. Nothing too juvenile. I want her to be able to grow with this piece for many years to come, and for it to remain relevant." With this creative brief in mind, and after exploring many different concepts, I landed on "Everything happens for a reason so do not give up." A universally appealing phrase intended to inspire encouragement and hope. I thought a light, calm blue would complement this theme nicely, evoking trust and tranquility. I gave most words their own line, so I could place added emphasis on the phrase, and also repeat fonts in a structured format. The client loved the final piece: "Gorgeous! I will keep this framed in my daughter's bedroom for many years to come. I think this is something she will appreciate, and seek comfort from, for much of her life."

Everything Happens for a Reason.

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