Transfix TrueRate+

Toward the end of 2022, Transfix launched Transfix TrueRate+, a proprietary pricing program centered around transparency, trust, and savings. I was tasked with creating the landing page, in addition to various supporting graphics.

Transfix TrueRate+ Website.
Various supporting animated gifs (charts and graphs).

Happy World Environment Day

Transfix wanted to celebrate World Environment Day with a unique social media post. Rather than relying on stock photography, I opted to highlight their Carbon Emissions Tracker. I animated the abstraction for added interest and engagement.

Happy World Environment Day.

Transfix & e2Open Integration

Toward the end of 2022, Transfix integrated with e2Open, the connected supply chain SaaS platform with the largest multi-enterprise network. This integration allowed shippers to access both real-time rates and spot market rates. The marketing team wanted to create an ad to announce this integration. In working with the Creative Director, I came up with various different concepts, and this was the end result: a sleek, tech-forward animation emphasizing integration.

Transfix & e2Open Integration.

Transfix Take Podcast

While working at Transfix, I was often asked to design social media creative to promote podcasts and events. I came up with 10-12 concepts and narrowed it down to these with the Creative Director. I ultimately chose these versions as they were the most commanding within a scrolling social media landscape.

Transfix Take Podcast.

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