Guru Studio

Guru Studio Holiday Card

Every year, Guru Studio sends a holiday-themed email to their partners, fans, and employees. I was tasked with animating 2019's holiday email; the marketing team wanted to celebrate multicultural diversity and showcase Guru's international vision. This was an exciting and rewarding opportunity to explore a seamless, forever-looping animation full of Guru's personality.

Guru Studio Holiday Card.

Business Cards

While working as a Senior Graphic Designer at Guru Studio, I was tasked with rebranding their marketing assets, including business cards. Their previous business cards felt too stoic and serious, and didn't reflect the company. Guru Studio is a fun, playful, inspiring, family-friendly company, and I wanted that to shine. I placed an emphasis on oversized logos, shapes, and Guru's four brand colours. After many rounds of revisions, this was the final design - I'm so happy the finished product accurately reflects Guru's personality, tone, branding, and creativity.

Guru Studio Business Cards.

Yeti Activity Book

While at Guru Studio, I had the opportunity to work on many fun, whimsical projects, including designing an activity book for preschoolers. This particular activity book, meant to promote True and the Rainbow Kingdom's "Wild Wild Yetis" Netflix special, incorporated many different activities, including a yeti face mask (to be cut out at home), connect-the-dots, and colouring pages.

Yeti Activity Book.
Children wearing the yeti masks.

Fanny Pack

While at Guru Studio, I was tasked with designing an end-of-year branded gift for the employees. After some brainstorming, a fanny pack was decided upon as the gift. My wonderful Art Director, Brandon Scott, encouraged me to play with Guru's branding - allowing me to base my prospective designs loosely around the existing branding, also reminding me to ensure it didn't feel "too corporate." The end goal was to achieve an eye-catching fanny pack that employees would enjoy wearing, without it feeling overtly connected to their workplace. They were seeking a more abstract design. After an inspiring creative process that involved developing many different concepts, the marketing department, studio operations department, and CEO narrowed them down to four. From there, we printed the four concepts on paper and passed them around the office, asking every employee to mark their favourite option. After tallying up the results, the "G U R U" letter design won overall. I really enjoyed this project and thought the creative process was fun, freeing, and fulfilling.

Guru Studio Fanny Pack.

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