Genuine Health

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Genuine Health, an all-natural supplements company, often collaborates with Joy McCarthy, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and CEO of Joyous Health. While working at Genuine Health, I routinely developed creative for their collaborations, including a poster advertising a pumpkin pie smoothie that was being sold at a local health/fitness event. I was instructed to adhere to Joyous Health's branding guidelines while also taking influence from Genuine Health's branding. On the smoothie poster, I was asked to include both company logos, the smoothie ingredients, the sizes and respective prices, and charity donation information. I determined a natural flow, hierarchy, and structure, displaying the name and ingredients first, and the pricing and charity information second. In keeping with Genuine Health's and Joyous Health's friendly, approachable branding tones, I incorporated some illustrations of the key ingredients and bright bubbles to highlight the pricing details.

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie.

Black Friday Sale

While working for Genuine Health, I was asked to create static ads to help promote their new ecommerce site that, at the time, was struggling to gain traction. After some brainstorming sessions, I asked the marketing team and Vice President if, instead, I could experiment with animated gif ads. I knew that animated ads would get a lot more attention and a higher click-through rate, so I presented a few different concepts, and this was the final version. I wanted to incorporate 1) Genuine Health's brand colours, brand fonts, and top-selling products, and 2) a balance between eye-catching animation and simplicity. Whether the ad was seen embedded on a website, or on Genuine Health's Instagram feed, the goal was that it would be met with a similar amount of interest. With limited copy and a bold CTA, the emphasis was placed on what the consumer would find most appealing -- "SALE" -- and an animated "Shop Now" button that acted as though it was being actively clicked.

This ad increased their online sales by 200%.

Black Friday Sale.

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