Grocery Store Signage

This Coupgon app promotional sign was featured in grocery stores all across Canada. The sign predominately features Coupgon's brand fonts and colours (blue and yellow), with a central focus on saving money, simple food photography, and a CTA at the base. I enjoyed incorporating lines and shapes in Coupgon's marketing materials for added dynamic interest.

Grocery Store Signage.

Google Ads

As the Intermediate Graphic Designer at Coupgon, I was in charge of rebranding Coupgon's marketing materials. I developed a myriad of print and web materials, including these Google ads. Coupgon's marketing materials, at the time, did not have a consistent look and feel. I designed their marketing materials to look more fresh/modern (utilizing diagonal lines, shapes, and colourful imagery); incorporated a friendlier, more approachable tone (to encourage use of Coupgon's app); and ensured their branding was consistent across all mediums. These Google ads were created to promote Coupgon's app; the bottom banner displayed a different grocery store Coupgon was affiliated with (FreshCo, Metro, Loblaws, etc.) depending on the Google user's location and search history.

Google Ads.

Easter e-Newsletter

While working at Coupgon as an Intermediate Graphic Designer, I was in charge of designing Coupgon's weekly e-newsletters. I routinely used a combination of Photoshop (composite hero image), Sketch (layout/design), and Mailchimp (email marketing service) to design and prepare the emails. After slicing the design up in Sketch, I pieced it together in Mailchimp - adding hyperlinks where applicable, and readying the e-newsletter for the Engineers to push out to the appropriate audience.

Easter e-Newsletter.

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