Knowing a Second Language...

Hana, Typography Client

"Knowing a second language is like having a second soul." There's a famous copyrighted quote with a similar sentiment, but I reworked it for this piece. Understanding that many people are bilingual, trilingual, and beyond; and encouraging those that are learning another language in their spare time for their career, significant other, or enjoyment was top-of-mind during the creative process. Because the piece repeats "a second," I began there, and used the same font and spacing - allowing them to anchor my design. I then worked backwards, picking the same font and spacing for "language," and "soul," and finally, "knowing," and "is like having." I wanted "language" and "soul" to be gentle and natural; illustrating the flowing, instinctive qualities of dialect and inner energy. Looking to achieve a calm, serene mood for the piece, I opted to use dark blue for the copy, and pale pink for the background.