Genuine Health x Joyous Health Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Genuine Health, Joyous Health

Genuine Health, an all-natural supplements company, often collaborates with Joy McCarthy, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and CEO of Joyous Health. While working at Genuine Health, I routinely developed creative for their collaborations, including a poster advertising a pumpkin pie smoothie that was being sold at a local health/fitness event. I was instructed to adhere to Joyous Health's branding guidelines while also taking influence from Genuine Health's branding. On the smoothie poster, I was asked to include both company logos, the smoothie ingredients, the sizes and respective prices, and charity donation information. I determined a natural flow, hierarchy, and structure, displaying the name and ingredients first, and the pricing and charity information second. In keeping with Genuine Health's and Joyous Health's friendly, approachable branding tones, I incorporated some illustrations of the key ingredients and bright bubbles to highlight the pricing details.