Everything Happens for a Reason

Renee, Typography Client

I was approached by a client who wanted to hang a piece of typography in her toddler's room. She said she wanted the theme of the piece to be "never give up," to add encouragement to her daughters everyday life. The quote itself was up to me. Her directions were simple: "No pink. Nothing flowery or too feminine. Nothing too juvenile. I want her to be able to grow with this piece for many years to come, and for it to remain relevant." With this creative brief in mind, and after exploring many different concepts, I landed on "Everything happens for a reason so do not give up." A universally appealing phrase intended to inspire encouragement and hope. I thought a light, calm blue would complement this theme nicely, evoking trust and tranquility. I gave each word its own line, so I could place added emphasis on the phrase, and also repeat fonts in a structured format. The client loved the final piece; "Gorgeous! I will keep this framed in my daughter's bedroom for many years to come. When she moves out down the line, I'll encourage her to bring it with her. I think this is something she will appreciate, and seek comfort from, for much of her life."